Documenting Test Scripts

As seen in the Executing Test Scripts section, the documentation is generated from the test script itself. There are several things that can be included in a script to help document it more. These are documented here.

To convert the script we created earlier in the First Test Script section, we would simply add the documentation tags like so:

<testcase xmlns="jelly:jameleon">

        An example passing test that simply compares two equal values.
    <test-case-author>Joe Blow</test-case-author>
    <application-tested>JUnit Plug-in</application-tested>

            This is used to document manual test cases that can then later
            be converted to actual functioning tags or it can be used to 
            document complex steps.
            functionId="Compare two equaling variables"
            expected="value 1"
            actual="value 1"/>

Simply update the existing passingAssertEquals.xml script to include the documentation tags above and save it. If this script is currently selected in the GUI, then select the failing script, followed by the passingAssertEquals.xml script to see the new documentation. The results should look like the image below: