Class SessionResult

  extended by net.sf.jameleon.result.JameleonTestResult
      extended by net.sf.jameleon.result.TestResultWithChildren
          extended by net.sf.jameleon.result.SessionResult
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, HasChildResults, XMLable, LocationAware

public class SessionResult
extends TestResultWithChildren

An implementation of @see TestResult that represents the results of a session Since a session contains function points, SessionResult is the results of all of the function points in the single session

See Also:
Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class net.sf.jameleon.result.TestResultWithChildren
childrenResults, failedResults
Fields inherited from class net.sf.jameleon.result.JameleonTestResult
columnNumber, E_CDATA, elementTagName, error, errorFile, executionTime, failed, lineNumber, parentResults, S_CDATA, scriptFileName, tag
Constructor Summary
SessionResult(FunctionalPoint tag)
          Default Constructor.
SessionResult(FunctionalPoint tag, HasChildResults parentResults)
          Default Constructor.
Method Summary
 boolean isDataDriven()
          Tells whether this result is data driven or not.
 String toString()
 String toXML()
          Implement this method the same way the toString method would be implemented, except the object's information should be in a valid XML format.
Methods inherited from class net.sf.jameleon.result.TestResultWithChildren
addChildResult, addFailedResult, destroy, getAllChildrenResults, getAllFailedLeafChildrenResults, getChildrenResults, getCountableChildResults, getCountableResults, getFailedCountableResults, getFailedResults, hasChildren, isParent
Methods inherited from class net.sf.jameleon.result.JameleonTestResult
copyLocationAwareProperties, equals, escapeXML, failed, findAncestorByClass, getColumnNumber, getDateTimeExecuted, getElementName, getError, getErrorFile, getErrorMsg, getExecutionTime, getExecutionTimeToDisplay, getFailedRowNum, getFileName, getHtmlFormattedErrorMsg, getHtmlFormattedStackTrace, getIdentifier, getLineNumber, getOutcome, getParentResults, getTag, hashCode, isA, passed, recordFailureToCountableResult, setColumnNumber, setDateTimeExecuted, setElementName, setError, setErrorFile, setExecutionTime, setFailed, setFileName, setLineNumber, setParentResults, setTag
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
clone, finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait
Methods inherited from interface net.sf.jameleon.result.HasChildResults

Constructor Detail


public SessionResult(FunctionalPoint tag)
Default Constructor.


public SessionResult(FunctionalPoint tag,
                     HasChildResults parentResults)
Default Constructor.

Method Detail


public boolean isDataDriven()
Description copied from class: JameleonTestResult
Tells whether this result is data driven or not.

Specified by:
isDataDriven in class JameleonTestResult
true if this result is a data driven result or false if it is not.


public String toXML()
Description copied from interface: XMLable
Implement this method the same way the toString method would be implemented, except the object's information should be in a valid XML format.

Specified by:
toXML in interface XMLable
toXML in class TestResultWithChildren
a XML String representation of the results


public String toString()
toString in class JameleonTestResult
A String representation of the results

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