Class SqlParamTag

  extended by org.apache.commons.jelly.TagSupport
      extended by net.sf.jameleon.ParamTag
          extended by net.sf.jameleon.sql.SqlParamTag
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SqlParamTag
extends ParamTag

Used to set binding parameter to the parent sql-update tag. An example might be:

   functionId="Insert a row into test table via a prepared statement with multiple param values"
     sqlUpdateSql="insert into test(test_str, test_str2) values(?,?)"/>

Tag Name: <sql-param>

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class net.sf.jameleon.ParamTag
fromVariable, name, paramType, values
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body, context, hasTrimmed, parent, shouldTrim
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  void validate()
          Used to validate everything is set up correctly.
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addParamValue, doTag, getFromVariable, getName, getParamName, getParamType, getParamValues, getValue, setFromVariable, setParamName, setParamType, setParamValue
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findAncestorWithClass, findAncestorWithClass, findAncestorWithClass, findAncestorWithClass, findAncestorWithClass, findAncestorWithClass, getBody, getBodyText, getBodyText, getContext, getParent, invokeBody, isEscapeText, isTrim, setBody, setContext, setEscapeText, setParent, setTrim, trimBody
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Constructor Detail


public SqlParamTag()
Method Detail


protected void validate()
                 throws MissingAttributeException,
Used to validate everything is set up correctly.

validate in class ParamTag
MissingAttributeException - - When a required attribute isn't set.
JellyTagException - - When this tag is used out of context.

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