Release History

3.3-RC1 2008-02-13
3.3-M5 2008-01-27
3.3-M4 2006-12-13
3.3-M3 2006-11-11
3.3-M2 2006-10-17

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Release 3.3-RC1 - 2008-02-13

fix Jameleon-core requires Java 5 to compile and run. engrean
fix Hovers don't work in IE6 for Test Case Docs Fixes 1892799. kmantis
fix 3.3-M5 requires Java 6 to run Fixes 1892308. engrean
fix Failed HTML Test Case Docs display malformatted under IE 7 Fixes 1891161. engrean
fix HTML Results don't use the testCaseDocsEncoding setting Fixes 1891154. engrean
fix HTML Test Case Docs 'data' values are duplicate Fixes 1891152. engrean

Release 3.3-M5 - 2008-01-27

update Upgrade Info - If upgrading from 3.2, be sure to read the change log for all 3.3-Mx releases. Be sure to remove all previous Jameleon jar files and required dependencies (everything in the lib directory) before installing. engrean
update Total revamp of HTML test results, including timestamp support and results are actual execution steps. engrean
update Disabled Jiffie Action Point Generator due to Jiffie 1.0 upgrade. engrean
add Add clear HTML results button to GUI Fixes 1750896. engrean
add View HTML results in GUI by clicking on status icon of the test case result Fixes 1889294. engrean
add Add back/forward button to HtmlBrowser in GUI Fixes 1889290. engrean
update Upgrade to Jiffie 1.0 - fixes VM crashes Fixes 1833878. engrean
update Upgrade to HtmlUnit 1.14 Fixes 1830838. engrean
update Upgrade to Jaxen 1.1.1 Fixes 1830833. engrean
update Upgrade to Selenium-RC 0.9.2 Fixes 1829760. engrean
fix Remove Log4j Dependencies by refactoring results Fixes 1772484. engrean
add add button to UI which opens the test runs summary HTML results Fixes 1748469. engrean
update Upgrade to Velocity 1.5 Fixes 1689952. engrean
fix Make the two ExecuteTestCase Ant tasks execute the same way Fixes 1676920. engrean
add Add an abstract isParent() method to JameleonTestResult Fixes 1659858. engrean
add Add className to FunctionalPoint Fixes 1644944. engrean
add Add date and time in the test case result docs Fixes 1643860. engrean
add Add a link to the API docs and xref src for each tag Fixes 1640550. engrean
fix Syntax Reference Generator should key from Class and not tag Fixes 1640535. engrean
fix AbstactSqlTag doesn't need to implement store method Fixes 1639580. engrean
fix deprecate SessionTag.trace() to be replaced with traceMsg Fixes 1639566. engrean
fix trace() and traceMsg() should always log to debug. Fixes 1639565. engrean
add Add timeoutSeconds support for selenium session tag Fixes 1632945. engrean
add [selenium-plugin ] add support for waitForCondition Fixes 1882600. kmantis
add [selenium-plugin ] add support for waitForValue Fixes 1882595. kmantis
add Switch jameleon-core to use the syntax generator Fixes 1628193. engrean
update Improve performance in registering and loading tags Fixes 1628055. engrean
update replace xjavadoc with qdox Fixes 1627986. engrean
add Added Watij plugin Fixes 1608547. engrean
add Add JameleonUnitTestCase for help with debugging Fixes 1604944. engrean
add Separation of installation base from the scripts and results Fixes 1594370. engrean
add Separate report for each test suite execution Fixes 1549771. engrean
add Generate test case docs based on actual execution Fixes 1276880. engrean
fix unexpected error using jiffie plug-in Fixes 1496968. engrean
fix sql tag doesn't work for SQL Server 2005 Fixes 1802025. engrean
fix res empty in Fixes 1736898. engrean
fix Closing snapshot and bug browser under Mac OS X kills GUI Fixes 1747876. engrean
fix sql tag doesn't support JDBC drivers w/o previous() support Fixes 1742456. engrean
fix wait tag delay is applied even after a failure Fixes 1728882. engrean
fix Unchecking "Generate Docs" does nothing Fixes 1724828. engrean
fix GUI TestReport Duplicate TC Hidden Fixes 1687178. engrean
fix no cleanup after failed tag Fixes 1719937. engrean
fix Annoying error when snapshot fails in Jiffie Fixes 1686291. engrean
fix selenium-assert-field-value-equals throws unjust exception Fixes 1685796. engrean
fix remove Javadoc2Bean unused methods Fixes 1684371. engrean
fix Custom configuration files are ignored by Fixes 1677238. engrean
fix TestCaseListeners broken against ExecuteTestCaseTask Fixes 1676913. engrean
fix Selenium Plugin Example Failing under Windows 2000 Fixes 1645555. engrean
fix Test could fail if a tag has no default value defined Fixes 1665445. engrean
fix map-variable variableType is case sensitive Fixes 1660998. engrean
fix Possible out of memory problems using jellys setCacheTags Fixes 1654143. engrean
fix jameleon.application is ignored in the GUI Fixes 1643878. engrean
fix deprecate lastFileWritten (mostly for plug-ins) Fixes 1639023. engrean
fix web site link - getting-started.html Fixes 1630803. engrean
fix Core Tag documentation in Java source needs improvement Fixes 1628153. engrean
fix TestCase can have the same test level multiple times Fixes 1628151. engrean
fix Tag documentation trims all Javadoc whitespace/new lines Fixes 1627984. engrean
fix maven site no longer works due to changes in ibiblio Fixes 1626170. engrean
fix The API docs don't reference the libraries they implement Fixes 1626172. engrean
fix test-case and test-suite tags include invalid xhtml in docs Fixes 1626160. engrean
fix gen-syntax-ref generates duplicate entries Fixes 1626156. engrean
fix JagacyFunctionTag.readField doesn't work Fixes 1622412. engrean
fix JagacyFunctionTag.readField doesn't work Fixes 1616468. engrean

Release 3.3-M4 - 2006-12-13

add Selenium Plug-in - The Selenium RC plug-in is being re leased as an experimental plug-in. Jeff Tulley helped significantly with this plug-in. engrean
fix Jiffie Plug-in - slow-down due to bug Id 1559308. Thanks to Brennon for providing a reproducable test case that greatly assisted me in finding this. Fixes 1613634. engrean
fix Jameleon core - When test case meta tags are used in a test-suite tag, the script silently fails. Fixes 1599858. engrean
fix Jameleon core - make FunctionTag.delay methods public. Fixes 1597312. engrean
fix Jameleon core - Code cleanup. Fixes 1595771. engrean
add Jameleon GUI - Add tooltips to results. Fixes 1613398. engrean
add Jameleon core - Add data-drivable row data (variables read in from data source) into results. Fixes 1613235. engrean
add Jameleon core - Add countRow back into data-drivable results objects. Fixes 1611902. engrean

Release 3.3-M3 - 2006-11-11

update Upgrade Info - Read the install documentationfor more information on upgrading to this new release. engrean
add Jameleon GUI - Ability to change jameleon.config settings on the fly Fixes 1296441. engrean
add Jameleon core - Add Upgrade Ant Task to make required config changes Fixes 1592283. engrean
update Jameleon core - Change to jameleon.conf Fixes 1585971. engrean
update Jameleon core - Consolidate jameleon-gui.props into jameleon.conf Fixes 1585976. engrean
fix Jameleon core - change classpath.dir and classpath.file to classpath.entry Fixes 1592026. engrean
add Jameleon core - Add test-suite/test-script tags Fixes 1475300. engrean
update Jameleon GUI - Open a link to a bug in a browser for test case docs Fixes 1592888. engrean
add Jameleon GUI - Add basic About Dialog box for version info Fixes 1588086. engrean
add Jameleon GUI - Add table column sorting to GUI Fixes 1584422. engrean
update Jameleon GUI - Upgrade to JDIC 20061102, adding Mac OS X support Fixes 1594291. engrean
fix Jameleon GUI - Bad error when script XML is invalid Fixes 1590199. engrean
fix Jameleon core - TestCaseTagLibrary to use a single instance of SupportedTags Fixes 1587481. engrean
fix Jameleon core - Errors aren't reported for errors in testcase tags Fixes 1585964. engrean
fix Jameleon core - Simple results (console results) still report rowNum Fixes 1585965. engrean
fix Jameleon core - UI sets a new classpath for every script being executed Fixes 1583794. engrean
update Jameleon core - handle ThreadDeath errors Fixes 1583122. engrean
fix Jameleon GUI - UI should only create one ExecuteTestCase instance Fixes 1583104. engrean
update Jameleon core - Upgrade to jaxen-1.1-beta-11.jar Fixes 1591504. engrean
update Jameleon core - expectFailure when using multiple asserts in custom tag Fixes 1580386. engrean
add Jameleon core - Be able to set TestCaseListeners in jameleon.conf Fixes 1583181. engrean
update Jameleon core - Upgrade to Log4j 1.2.14, removing custom patch Fixes 1588159. engrean
update HtmlUnit Plug-in - Upgrade to HtmlUnit 1.10 Fixes 1591502. engrean
add HtmlUnit Plug-in - Add htmlunit-record-alerts tag Fixes 1593477. engrean
update Jagacy Plug-in - Upgrade to Jagacy 1.3 Fixes 1586406. engrean
fix Jiffie Plug-in - IEFireEvent doesn't fail if xpath and htmlElement are used Fixes 1588169. engrean
fix Jiffie Plug-in - Add href attribute which support regex to ie-click-link tag. Fixes 1592320. engrean
fix Jiffie Plug-in - ie-set-select-field doesn't fire js event on optionIndex Fixes 1581528. engrean
fix JUnit Plug-in - ju-assert-equals fails when comparing differing object types Fixes 1582976. engrean
fix Jameleon Site - RSS HTML Link typo Fixes 1587424. engrean
fix Jameleon Test Suite - Current sample plugin scripts fail against latest sf changes Fixes 1586010. engrean

Release 3.3-M2 - 2006-10-17

update Jameleon Core - Complete refactor of the results. For those that coded against the results, you will likely need to make some modifications. As a result of this refactor, the TestResults.xml file is completely different and there were some modifications to the GUI results and the TestResults.html. If you use TestResults.xml to do reporting, it is a good idea to start looking into the event (net.sf.jameleon.event package) model that is built into Jameleon. Please note that the changes are still ongoing. If you are interested in the direction of the results, please feel free to ask in the forums or one of the mailing lists. engrean
fix Jameleon GUI - display errors while the tests are being executed Fixes 1579351. engrean
fix Jameleon GUI - display hightlighted source when line # is clicked on Fixes 1579350. engrean
fix Jiffie plug-in - ie-session clickYesOnSecurityAlert is always false Fixes 1578981. engrean
fix Jiffie plug-in - ie-session clickYesOnSecurityAlert is misspelled Fixes 1578979. engrean
fix Jiffie plug-in - IHTMLElementFinder.getIHTMLElement bug Fixes 1559308. Thanks to Alex Eagar . engrean
fix Jameleon GUI - debug doesn't always unhighlight/highlight the source Fixes 1555004. engrean
fix Jameleon GUI - throws NullPointerException when selecting directory Fixes 1554871. engrean
fix Jameleon GUI - svn files are viewable in GUI Fixes 1554852. engrean
fix Jameleon GUI - shows wrong test case docs when multi selected Fixes 1552906. engrean
fix Jameleon core - t est passes even if CVS file has invalid format Fixes 1549213. engrean
fix HtmlUnit plug-in - set input field tags blow up when null is passed. Fixes 1549210. engrean
fix Jameleon core - bad error message when function tag is not under session tag Fixes 1546962. engrean
fix HtmlUnit plug-in - enableSslCertCheck doesn't work when set to false Fixes 1545426. engrean
fix JUnit plug-in - execute-jameleon-script clears test execution #'s Fixes 1542835. engrean
fix Site Docs - better docs on Registering Function Tags Ant Task Fixes 1539292. engrean
fix Jameleon core - dataDrivable tags should not know about Map implementation Fixes 1520261. engrean
fix Jameleon core - jameleonUtility.getFileNameFromPath broken for path in files Fixes 1518498. engrean
fix Jameleon core - abstractFileDrivableTag.setFileName should be setFile Fixes 1518496. engrean
fix Jameleon core - can't set scriptsDir outside of current working directory Fixes 1518495. engrean
add Jameleon core - support direct attributes in testcase, session and data tags Fixes 1544622. engrean
remove Jameleon core - remove support for testBlock(XMLOutput out) Fixes 1542040. engrean
add Jameleon core - auto-generate the syntax reference for plug-ins. Fixes 1545665. engrean
add Jameleon core - keep references to all Exceptions in results Fixes 1518855. engrean
add Jiffie plug-in - add ie-execute-javascript tag Fixes 1577212. Thanks to Alex Eagar . engrean
add Jameleon core - replace Row Num with line # on the first page Fixes 1575551. engrean
add JUnit plug-in - make execute-jameleon-script more useful. Many changes were made to this that are not backward compatable Fixes 1575548. engrean
add Jameleon core - upgrade to latest jelly 1.0 Fixes 1575542. engrean
add Jiffie plug-in - add ability for session to keep browser open Fixes 1567181. engrean
add Jameleon core - make warnOnNoPluginsFound a global variable Fixes 1546964. engrean
add Jameleon core - add a short description to FunctionalPoint Fixes 1546082. engrean
add Jameleon core - remove unused FunctionalPoint constructor Fixes 1546018. engrean
add Jameleon core - add a syntax-reference generator Ant Task Fixes 1545671. engrean
add Jameleon core - pull X509TrustEverythingManager out of JsseSettings. Fixes 1545430. engrean
add HtmlUnit plug-in - upgrade to HtmlUnit 1.9 Fixes 1544956. engrean
add HtmlUnit plug-in - upgrade to commons-lang-2.1 Fixes 1544955. engrean
add HtmlUnit plug-in - upgrade to commons-io-1.2 Fixes 1544954. engrean
add HtmlUnit plug-in - upgrade to commons-httpclient-3.0.1 Fixes 1544952. engrean
add Jameleon core - upgrade to xmlParserAPIs-2.6.2 Fixes 1544951. engrean
add Jameleon core - upgrade to xercesImpl-2.6.2 Fixes 1544949. engrean
add Jameleon core - upgrade to jaxen-1.1-beta-9.jar Fixes 1544948. engrean
add Jameleon core - upgrade to dom4j-1.6.1.jar Fixes 1544946. engrean
add Jameleon core - upgrade to commons-logging-1.1.jar Fixes 1544945. engrean
add Jameleon core - upgrade to commons-collections-3.2 Fixes 1544944. engrean
add Jameleon core - upgrade to JUnit 3.8.2 Fixes 1543915. engrean
add Jiffie plug-in - simplify Acceptance Tests for examples Fixes 1542931. engrean
add HttpUnit plug-in - simplify Acceptance Tests for examples Fixes 1542926. engrean
add HtmlUnit plug-in - simplify Acceptance Tests for examples Fixes 1542916. engrean
add Jameleon core - remove so many references to xml namespaces in examples Fixes 1542905. engrean
add JUnit plug-in - refactor JUnit assert tags Fixes 1542842. engrean
add Jameleon core - refactor the logging Layouts Fixes 1542840. engrean
add Jameleon core - simplify Results Fixes 1542838. engrean
add JUnit plug-in - add a ju-assert-null tag Fixes 1542836. engrean
add Selenium plug-in - add a Selenium Plugin Fixes 1540344. engrean
add Jameleon core - add FunctionTag.getStringOrDefault() method Fixes 1540342. engrean
add Jameleon core - add ContextHelper.getValueAs[type ] WithConfig Fixes 1540339. engrean
add Jameleon core - add ContextHelper.getVariableAsInt() Fixes 1540336. engrean
add Jameleon core - add new TestSuite and DataDrivable result classes Fixes 1518861. engrean
add Jameleon core - new JameleonExceptions which are RuntimeExceptions Fixes 1518851. engrean