As you may have guessed, this plug-in uses the HttpUnit library to add functionality to test HTTP applications. Please post any HttpUnit-specific questions to the HttpUnit project.

In the process of writing tests in Jameleon with the HttpUnit plug-in, some generic tags were created. These tags do everything from validating the title of page to validating the exact position of text in a table or series of tables to submiting forms and even generating custom action points based on forms. Between the functionality of Jelly and these generic tags, most test cases may be written without writing ANY java code.

However, to make the test cases as immune as possible to application change, it is recommended to either create a subclass of the provided tags that is more specific to your needs or to create an xml fragment that is then included in the test cases that require this.

NOTE - On the tags that have two names, this means either one will work. The longer names are now deprecated.