Available Global Settings

The following settings may be configured via jameleon.conf.

Property Name:DescriptionDefault Value
seleniumSlowResourcesModeThis is said to slow down the execution which can help debugging. You may find the functionDelay Jameleon global setting more suitable. See the Selenium site docs for more information on this setting. false
seleniumTimeoutSecondsThe SeleniumServer's default timeout can bet set with this option. 1800 seconds
seleniumMultiWindowModeRuns the web application being tested in a separate window if set to true. The default behavior (false) is to run the tests in the Selenium frameset.false
seleniumBrowserThe possible browsers are documented in the Selenium Documentation.firefox
startSeleniumProxySelenium RC needs a proxy in order to send the JavaScript calls to the browser. If this is set to true then a proxy will be started stopped at each selenium-session tag. This is a true/false setting.false
seleniumStopProxyServerOnSessionCloseif startSeleniumProxy is enabled and you want to start a new proxy server every time a session tag is closed, set this to true.false
seleniumProxyHostThe host of where the Selenium Proxy is running.localhost
seleniumProxyPortThe port of where the Selenium Proxy is running.4444