Class TestScriptTag

  extended by org.apache.commons.jelly.TagSupport
      extended by net.sf.jameleon.LocationAwareTagSupport
          extended by net.sf.jameleon.JameleonTagSupport
              extended by net.sf.jameleon.TestScriptTag
All Implemented Interfaces:
Attributable, DynaTag, LocationAware, Tag

public class TestScriptTag
extends JameleonTagSupport

This is currently a tag meant to be nested inside the test-suite tag. It represents one of the scripts to be included and executed in the test-suite. If a test-script nested inside a precondition tag fails, then none of the following scripts will be executed even if they are nested inside a postcondition tag.

Tag Name: <test-script>

Field Summary
protected  boolean precondition
          Do not continue executing any following scripts if a script marked as a precondition fails.
protected  File script
          The script to execute.
protected  TestSuiteTag tst
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void doTag(XMLOutput out)
          This method executes the script.
 void init()
 void setUpEnvironment()
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Field Detail


protected TestSuiteTag tst


protected File script
The script to execute.

This attribute is recognized by Jameleon
Required: true


protected boolean precondition
Do not continue executing any following scripts if a script marked as a precondition fails.

This attribute is recognized by Jameleon
Default Value: false
Constructor Detail


public TestScriptTag()
Method Detail


public void init()
          throws MissingAttributeException


public void setUpEnvironment()


public void doTag(XMLOutput out)
           throws MissingAttributeException,
This method executes the script.


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