Package net.sf.jameleon

Interface Summary
Storable Used to represent an object that needs to store it's state.
XMLable Used to be able to pass a generic XMLable interface through future logging wrapper methods.

Class Summary
AbstractCsvTag This DataDrivable tag is an implementation of a CSV data source.
AbstractParamElementTag Abstract class that represents children of a ParamTag.
AbstractTestCaseDocAttribute An abstract class used to define some test case attributes
ApplicationTestedTag Documents the application tested.
CsvTag Iterates over all nested tags one time per row of a CSV file.
ExecuteTestCase Executes a Jameleon Test Case.
FunctionalPointTestedTag Documents which feature of the application the test case is testing.
JameleonTagSupport JameleonTagSupport is an implementation of DynaTag.
LocationAwareTagSupport An abstract tag that is location aware.
ParamNameTag Gives the parameter a name.
ParamTag Used to give a function tag a parameter or a list of parameters.
ParamTypeTag Gives the parameter a variable type.
ParamValueTag Gives the parameter a value.
PostconditionTag This tag is used to mark a group of tags as postconditions.
PreconditionTag This tag is used to mark a group of tags as preconditions.
SessionTag A Session is the state of an application from one functional point to the next.
TestCaseAuthorTag Documents the test case's author.
TestCaseBugTag Describes a bug for a test case.
TestCaseIdTag Describes a unique id of the test case.
TestCaseLevelTag Describes which test case level the test case should be executed under.
TestCaseRequirementTag Describes which requirement number the test case was written against.
TestCaseSummaryTag Documents the summary of what the test case does.
TestCaseTag Every test case script must have at least one testcase tag containing all other Jameleon tags.
TestCaseTagLibrary Registers the tag libraries based on what is set up in SupportedTags.
TestScriptTag This is currently a tag meant to be nested inside the test-suite tag.
TestSuiteTag This is currently a tag meant to group several test case scripts together into a test suite.
VariableMappingTag Used to map the value in one variable over to the value of another variable.
VariableTag Used for mapping a List to another variable.
VariableValueTag used only as a child of <map-variable/>, it allows the ability to map one or more text values to a variable.
WaitTag Wait for the given number of milliseconds.

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