Interface Attributable

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractAssertTag, AbstractCsvTag, AbstractDataDrivableTag, AbstractFileDrivableTag, AbstractSqlTag, AssertEqualsTag, AssertNotNullTag, AssertNullTag, AssertTrueTag, CsvTag, ExecuteJameleonScriptTag, FunctionDocTag, FunctionTag, IterateTag, JameleonTagSupport, JUnitFunctionTag, JUnitSessionTag, SessionTag, SqlTag, SqlUpdateTag, TestCaseTag, TestScriptTag, TestSuiteTag, WaitTag

public interface Attributable

The Attributable interface provides a means to transfer values stored in a JellyContext to instance variables of any class implementing this interface.

Method Summary
 void describeAttributes(AttributeBroker broker)
          Registers all instance variables and key values in a JellyContext.

Method Detail


void describeAttributes(AttributeBroker broker)
Registers all instance variables and key values in a JellyContext. Called by the AttributeBroker.

broker - - The AttributeBroker which will transfer the values to instance variables.

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