Release History

1.0 2008-01-27 2006-12-13 2006-11-11 2006-10-17

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Release 1.0 - 2008-01-27

update Upgrade to Jiffie 1.0 - fixes VM crashes Fixes 1833878. engrean
fix Annoying error when snapshot fails in Jiffie Fixes 1686291. engrean
fix unexpected error using jiffie plug-in Fixes 1496968. engrean

Release - 2006-12-13

fix Fixed slow-down due to bug Id 1559308. Thanks to Brennon for providing a reproducable test case that greatly assisted me in finding this. Fixes 1613634. engrean
fix Code cleanup. Fixes 1595771. engrean

Release - 2006-11-11

fix IEFireEventTag doesn't fail if both xpath and htmlElement are defined Fixes 1588169. engrean
update Add href attribute which supports regex to ie-click-link tag. (Thanks to Jason Rasmussen) Fixes 1592320. engrean
fix ie-set-select-field doesn't fire js event when optionIndex is defined Fixes 1581528. engrean

Release - 2006-10-17

fix ie-session clickYesOnSecurityAlert is always false Fixes 1578981. engrean
fix ie-session clickYesOnSecurityAlert is misspelled Fixes 1578979. engrean
fix IHTMLElementFinder.getIHTMLElement bug Fixes 1559308. Thanks to Alex Eagar . engrean
add Add ie-execute-javascript tag Fixes 1577212. Thanks to Alex Eagar . engrean
add Add ability for session to keep browser open Fixes 1567181. engrean
add Simplify Acceptance Tests for examples Fixes 1542931. engrean