The Jiffie-Plugin uses Internet Explorer to execute the test cases. This means that if it runs in IE, then it can be tested in IE.

The disatvantage of this approach is that you are restricted to executing your tests only on a windows machine running IE.


  • Full access to the DOM
  • Full XPath support for identifying elements on a HTML page or for performing validations
  • Full support of JavaScript
  • Rich set of XML tags for writing test scripts without having to implement java classes
  • It's free and you even get the source!

Java InterFace For Internet Explorer (Jiffie)

As the name implies, the Jiffie plug-in uses Jiffie. Jiffie then uses Jacob, a Java-COM interface that can be used to test Windows applications through Java. This plug-in is licensed under the GPL and has been separated from the jameleon-core source code due to the licensing of Jiffie and Jacob.