This section covers how to write custom functional points specific for the Jiffie plug-in..

Please be sure to read the Jameleon Custom Functional Points section on the main Jameleon documents area before continuing here. Many principles that you must understand before continuing are explained there.

While the provided tags will likely be sufficient to test most web applications, it is recommended that you write custom tags that at the very least represent each action or form in your application. Writing action points using the Jiffie plug-in has been greatly simplified due to a new GUI feature that will generate your Java code for you. However, it is still important to at least understand what is involved in writing custom tags under the Jiffie plug-in.

How to Write a Custom Functional Point Using the Jiffie Plug-in

All Jiffie plug-in functional points must extend IEFunctionTag. Extending this class, gives you access to the session and hundreds of helper methods. Please see the javadocs provided at the link above for a detailed list of provided methods. For examples, please see the source code for the provided tags.

Quick Tips

Submitting Forms

Sometimes submitting forms with mulitple buttons can be a place of confusion for newbie Jiffie plug-in users. In the case where a form has multiple submit buttons, the generic submitWorkingForm method will likely not work. In this case, you must click on the button with the given name, id, value, image source or alt text. Please see the javadocs on the following methods for getting a submit button:

Once you have found your desired submit button or just any HTML Element in the case of getIHTMLElement, you can click on it by using the provided clickIHTMLElement method which is used to click on any HTML element. This is very useful when clicking on an element that has an onclick event.